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Company Formation & Registered Office

Image is important in business and there is no better choice than choosing Regent Street in the whole London for your registered office and meeting room! This will allow you to include a prestigious address in your business cards, leaflets and website, adding credibility and professionalism to your new UK venture. The incorporation will be done in 24 hours, securing the company name you prefer and setting up all the information regarding your business as Companies House requires.

Mail Holding & Forwarding Services

It is important to receive your business mail in a timely manner, wherever your job takes you. Official organisms as Companies House and HMRC use traditional mail for important communication regarding for example your company details and the corporation tax you own to the UK Government. We are here to help you keeping track of all of it, giving you flexible support and informing you about all the mail you receive at any time. If you prefer you can come to your office to collect all the mail from your folder

Telephone services

Your Company doesn’t need to hire a secretary. Our professional staff will answer the phone to your clients, allowing you to receive all their messages wherever you are. You can also redirect the calls from your prestigious phone landline in Regent Street to your favourite international number, changing it whenever you want.

New Company registration process - £60 or included with any Regency, Westminister, Mayfair packages

After receiving your order, we will proceed to the collection of the necessary personal and business details.

We will ask you to provide the following information for each Director and Shareholder:
» Full name
» Nationality
» Residential Address
» Occupation
» Copy of Personal ID document (necessary to comply the Money Laundering Regulations)
» Copy of Proof of Address (necessary to comply the Money Laundering Regulations)

Then we will send you a form to collect your preferences for the services to be provided, like:
» Favourite Company name
» Contact details for mail and telephone services

Your company will be registered and your virtual office will be up and running within 24 hours from receiving your documentation.

Our Prices

We offer our services on a package basis or a "pic n mix" basis. If you are not sure about what your company will need in few months time, please review the initial options you have available on the "pic n mix" pricing. If you want to have the benefits of inclusive weekly office hire you can opt for the full year, and make sensible savings on the price of the services, the yearly subscription is the one right for you.

Annual Packages & Pic 'n' Mix

Mayfair | Westminister | Regency | Pic 'n' Mix

  • You should choose this option if you want to reserve a company name immediately and make the company work in a near future. We will hold your official mail in the office for you to collect it.

    All packages Inclusive of conference room hire:
    1 hours weekly* (Regency Package),
    3 hours weekly* (Westminister)

    5 hours weekly* (Mayfair)

  • *Unused Hours do not rollover over to prevailing week.

  • All packages come inclusive with the option of having one limited company registration included

Regency Mail Package (Mail Service) -£150

Regency Exc & Fax Tel Package (Tel / Fax Service) -£300

Westminister Package (Tel / Fax / Mail & Reg Office) - £250

Mayfair Package (Excl Line / Fax / Mail & Reg Office) - £450

Pic 'n' Mix Options for 3 months:

Pic ‘n’ mix - Exclusive Tel -"Your Comp name" – £75.00
Pic ‘n’ mix - Mail Service + Reg Office – £60.00
Pic ‘n’ mix - Tel Service -"International House" – £60.00
Pic ‘n’ mix - Fax Line "Incoming Faxes" – £30.00